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about the site.

Founded late in 2015 by Gotham's Reckoning, Necessary Evil is her passion project. She loves MyBB and the versatility and freedom it offers. However it's much more daunting than some of its counterparts and does not have as much beginner material for roleplayers. It is the aim of Necessary Evil to provide an easier foot in the door for admins interested in MyBB. Here you will find free themes and other materials, as well as an upcoming store where you can order a theme Build-A-Bear-style, or place a custom commission.

Necessary Evil also serves as a forum directory. You can get your site listed here. Other resource forums and directories can be added as an affiliate here.

You can navigate around the site using the menu to the left. On the index, you can find the terms of service, news, and social media links.

in other media.

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  • A new free theme has been finished. Come view Eye for an Eye now!
  • Commissions are closed until August, and I will not be available for support until then.

terms of service.

By downloading my themes or using my resources, you agree to the following terms of service:

I. I reserve the right to refuse support to anyone who. . .

A. removes or edits the credit from my theme.

The credit is there so that others both know what theme you have installed on your forum, and so other people are provided the same opportunity to use my resources. It's there to help spread the word about Necessary Evil, not because I'm a blood thirsty maniac obsessed with everyone knowing that I did that thing and you better not claim it as your own or so help me I'll wag my finger at you!!! Help me help others, and I'm happy to help you.

B. is trying to convert the theme to another host or to MyBB 1.6.

Though you are more than welcome to try it, I don't really have the tools necessary to help you out with that.

C. is seen plagiarizing graphics or other content, or who is generally doing things frowned upon by society with their forum.

D. does not treat me courteously.

I'm trying to help you out and be nice. Please be nice back. This includes, but is not limited to, acting helpless (ignoring my requests or directions and demanding I solve the issue myself by going into your ACP, basically).

E. is not using my resource.

My support forum is not here to help out with MyBB in general, just the material I put out there.

II. You have my permission to. . .

A. edit these themes and resources.

This goes beyond just changing the images and colors. You may edit them however you see fit. This includes converting them to other forum softwares or reverting it to MyBB 1.6. I would prefer it if you did not remove the credit no matter the amount of editing you do. If you remove the credit, see section I., subsection A. of my TOS.

B. post the codes for any recreated versions of my themes for other forum softwares. A credit to me must be included, however, and I will not be providing any support for the revisioned theme.

C. attempt to copy my themes using your own codes.

So long as you aren't copying bits of my code, you don't need to credit me even if it looks exactly the same.

D. create themes inspired by mine.

See above.

III. You do not have my permission to. . .

A. contact me outside of this forum (or Icyboards Support) with issues related to my resources.

Even if you have my private contact information, you do not have my permission to contact me with any issues you're having with my resources. Any support you need must be posted on the support forum. The only exception is: people who have commissioned me. For up to two weeks after their product has been installed and operating, they may contact me through the media which the deal was arranged. After that, they need to post in the support forum like everyone else.

B. use my themes in paid commissions.

Frequently asked questions.

01. Can I edit your skins?

Yes, of course.

02. If I edit your skin(s), do I still need to give you credit?

It sure would be nice of you.

03. Can I edit the credit?

I can't stop you from doing so, but I do reserve the right to refuse support to any parties that edit the credit in such a way that it removes any of the original credit content.

04. Will these skins work on a MyBB forum not hosted by Icyboards?

Yes, and you are welcome to use them there also. However, I build my skins with some Icyboards-specific plugins in mind, so some of the features you see here might not be available on a self-hosted forum.

05. Will these skins work on MyBB 1.6?


06. Can I adjust your skins to make them compatible with MyBB 1.6?


07. How do I look at your skins?

Click on the "themes" link to the left of the page, or use the theme selector at the bottom of each page to view free themes. It will take you to a page where you can look through both themes that are free to use and themes which I was commissioned to make.

08. What screen size were these skins designed with?

1366 x 768
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